DTS Partners in Education

We are family, faculty, and community collaborating to enhance opportunities for the school children
of Delaware Township.  With innovative programming and focused fundraising, we enrich and
supplement the curriculum, support the DTS faculty, and have a little fun along the way. Join us!

This Year's Partners 2017-18


Ms. Maltese - Maegan Harrington


Ms. Bivona - Jessica O'Leary

Mrs Fanelli -  Rebecca Burns

Mrs Weiss -  Jean Domurat

1st Grade

Mrs. Benda - Jennifer Garofolo

Mrs. Ferry - Sarah Harding and Ginny Lucas

Ms Ricardo - Kim Gauthier

2nd Grade

Mrs. Gifford - Johanne Rodriquez

Miss Lally - Afia Dash

3rd Grade

Mrs. GaNun - Jessica Yarrow

Mrs. Weil (Patkochis) - Nicole Roeves

Ms. Marlatt - Diana Rumage

4th Grade

Mrs. Ferrante - Paula Hall

Mrs. Wheatley - Kelly Eastman

5th Grade

Ms. Fania - 

Ms. Freed - Stephanie Dunn 

Homeroom Partners
Homeroom Partners are classroom representatives, in grades PreK-5th, who assist teachers with classroom activities throughout the year such as:  scheduling readers and/or helpers, coordinating holiday celebrations, liaison between the classroom. 

Representatives also help answer PiE event/program related questions and disseminate info

If you have any questions about our Home Room Partner program please email our Chair, Jessica O'Leary at [email protected]